Why train with WOMBS

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With over 20 years experience in Doula training, the WOMBS Doula Training course is of a very high standard, on par with recognised, international doula training courses. We also offer our WOMBS Doulas a training update course that is accredited by the International Childbirth Educators Association

We offer a variety of benefits to our Doulas which help them in starting up their Doula Practice.

We have worked hard as an organisation to create good relationships with the various government and private hospitals / clinics in order to have Doulas be able to practice there. Due to various security and privacy concerns, gaining access to these facilities can be extremely difficult but as part of your WOMBS Doula Training you will automatically be able to gain practical experience in a number of these facilities.

WOMBS holds two meetings a year on zoom since Covid. .

In order to keep your training up to date, you will also be able to do a Training Update every four years to refresh your knowledge with the latest research-based information and techniques.

Our growing group of active Doulas also stay in touch with the help of social media and experienced Doulas will always be available to help mentor newly qualified members, and to give information and advice.