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Should you need to speak to a member of the WOMBS committee urgently, you can phone one of us below.  Please note that we are also doula’s, so if we are unable to take your call, try again later.

Gayle Friedman (Chair) 082-958-4801 

Sandy Bayman (Secretary/Admin) 061-458-1849

For less urgent matters, please use the contact form below

       If you are wanting to find out about our training, we have a section on that here:

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    Grievance procedure

    1. Purpose of the procedure/Introduction1,5

    The aim of WOMBS is to ensure that caregivers in the medical arena with a grievance relating to WOMBS doulas can use a procedure which can help to resolve grievances as quickly and as fairly as possible. This is also beneficial to all WOMBS doulas who are also given a voice when an incident arises. All grievances received are measured against the WOMBS Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics, which all WOMBS doulas are required to abide by.

    2. WOMBS committee member notified of grievance

    If a WOMBS committee member is informed via email, telephone or in person about a grievance involving a WOMBS doula, the Committee member will write down the complaint as follows (if not received in writing from the complainant);

    • Name of complainant
    • Date of incident
    • Time of incident
    • Place of incident
    • An account of the incident and/or complaint

    3. WOMBS Doula notified of the grievance made against them

    The WOMBS doula concerned will then be notified informally that a complaint against them has been made via telephone or email. The WOMBS doula will then be given the opportunity to write a formal letter stating their side of the incident, which must be completed within SEVEN CALENDAR DAYS and emailed directly to

    4. Storage of grievances and future grievances

    The letter sent by the WOMBS doula to the committee will then be stored and noted as a first grievance. Up to and including three grievances are permitted in total, which will then be followed by a hearing where the WOMBS doula’s membership to WOMBS will be put under consideration. The four individuals required to be present at the meeting are;

    A. The WOMBS doula under investigation.
    B. A representative chosen by the WOMBS doula under investigation from the panel of the
    WOMBS Committee. (No other representative may be present.)
    C. Two other Committee members who are able to be present at the meeting.
    D. On occasion, an expert may be called in to attend the meeting.

    WOMBS Doulas must take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting, but if for any unforeseen reason anyone is unable to attend, the meeting must be rearranged. By way of a vote, the WOMBS doula will either be allowed to remain as a WOMBS doula or be required to terminate their membership with immediate effect. Their decision is final.

    Grievance can be logged here:

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