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WOMBS is very privileged to have the many years of experience and expertise of Irene Bourquin, who is a highly experienced Nurse and Midwife with 25 years in Perinatal Education, as well as being a doula herself. She is also a published author with two books to her name – The Complete Guide to Grandparenting the Newborn Baby and The Practical Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenting which is now in its 5th edition.

Irene has also appeared on television, radio, written articles for both magazines and newspapers, and is an internationally recognised expert in her field. She regularly attends workshops and conferences, both locally and abroad, ensuring that both her clients and training doulas are kept educated with current research and information.

Irene is also the mother of 2 daughters. Affectionately referred to as “The Dragon of Drommedaris Road”, she is well known for her straightforward and intelligent approach, while at the same time being a deeply caring and compassionate person who embodies the qualities of a Doula.

She has trained over 200 doulas and continues to strive for the highest standard of education possible to ensure that Doulas continue to be seen as respected professionals within the medical community. Irene has also overseen the accreditation of other professionals to provide the WOMBS doula course in provinces across South Africa.

She has 2 lovely daughters, never stops learning, and is passionate in bringing about a good birth experience to all couples in our beautiful land.


Doula Training with Irene

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