Are courses Accredited?

Currently there are no courses that are recognised within South Africa as the profession of ‘Doula’ or ‘Childbirth Companion’ is not recognised by government.

Some courses, such as WOMBS, may be registered with international organisations which provide at least some basic standard training that you can expect. It is important to know if the course you plan to do has some form of accreditation with another organisation because, at present, anyone who decides to offer a Doula Training course can do just that.

A good course will have not only have links to a recognised training body but also ensure that you have practical experience during your course, as well as mentoring by an experienced Doula once you are qualified.


Gaining Accreditation

WOMBS is currently spear-heading the process of having the profession of Doula recognised by the South African Authorities and this is being done through the South African Qualifications Authority.

The benefits of gaining accreditation will mean that not only will it be easier for Doulas in Private Practice become covered by Medical Aid but it will mean that the profession will have it’s own code to allow government hospitals to employ Doulas where they are sorely needed.